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Continue Reading Mario starred in Mario Golf: Toadstool Tour, Mario Superstar Baseball, and Mario Power Tennis.He even made appearances in games other than his own: NBA Street V3 and SSX on Tour. Continue Reading Crystal Chronicles marked the return of Square and Final Fantasy to a Nintendo home console.Continue Reading Pikmin 2 begins shortly after where the first game left off.The great vacationer Olimar has managed to make it home in one piece, but there’s trouble.Continue Reading MMOs are not uncommon on consoles these days, the genre having been popularized by titles like Final Fantasy XI. The story is a bizarre and twisting tale that follows the work of assassin team killer7, who are all also just one person.But in 2002, they were a true rarity, especially for the barely-online Game Cube. Its gameplay is a mix of first-person shooter, rail-shooter, action-adventure, and …

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Strap in and hold on, for the next 50 weeks we’ll be chatting about Nintendo’s purple lunchbox.

By the time Prime was first unveiled, fans had had a long time to build up what they thought a new Metroid entry should…

Continue Reading Despite hints regarding its production dating back to 1999, RE4 didn’t actually reach players until 2005.

His employer, Hocotate Freight, has fallen on hard times …

Continue Reading Resident Evil on the Play Station was a revolution in gameplay design that signaled the rise of the survival-horror genre, but make no mistake, Resident Evil‘s remake for Game Cube is the definitive way to play the game…

The game begins with Alexandra Roivas exploring her family mansion …

Barber (Richard William Barber) -The Holy Grail: A Study In Imagination And Belief (2004; also entitled The Holy Grail: The History of a Legend, 2005) * Part Three, New Grail For Old: Chapter Nineteen – The Grail As Mirror: The Conspiracy Theory of History and The Grail, pages 310-312: “It would take a book as long as the original to refute and dissect ‘The Holy Blood and the Holy Grail’ point by point: it is essentially a text which proceeds by innuendo, not by refutable scholarly debate.” David V.… continue reading »

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“I’m also looking for a girl who has good hygiene, and nothing like fake nails or dentures.” says that this “my way or the highway” outlook on life affected his own dating history.… continue reading »

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