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13-Sep-2017 03:02

This is why many women are not as successful in their attempts to stop their cyber harassers.

A large part of this stems from the fact that the internet, which Laws calls “bigger than life,” prioritizes free speech over the safety and protection of women.

Still, I was harassed by men of all ages, each one detailing the sexual acts they wanted to do to me. “I am ready for you bb,” another man sent, followed by a selfie. He told me I was beautiful, and sent me a screenshot of a picture he had of me.

When I asked him how he got it, he responded by asking for naked photos.

The officer I spoke with was sympathetic, but since I didn’t have the name of the person posting the ads and nobody threatened me, nothing could be done.

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“I still have a guy who has been stalking me for seven years,” Laws confided.I enrolled in graduate school and got a job at a small world music label in a rural Vermont town. That winter, I met the man who would later assault me. Not really, anyway, but he was funny and interesting. Though I knew I should leave, I stifled my urge to run. ‘X’ like the shape his hands made when he used them to cover my mouth. I cried as I quickly slid my jeans over my bloody thighs.