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), the locals stop, take the time to tell off non-adherents or even call the (local enforcement agency) to report wrong doers and non-conformists.I suspect every citizen has the Ordungsamt on their speed dial list!In Asia (I speak for India and Singapore), at restaurants, we order water or a drink plus water alongside food.In Germany, the waiter or waitress subjects you to a four part quiz before you make your way to ordering food. I mean, if we as a family of four are ordering a one litre bottle of water, a waiter in Asia would assume that four glasses are to be brought along with it.Moments, which in an Expat’s parlance would be Whether it was a waiter at the local pizzeria, a cashier at the supermarket or a taxi driver, the reaction to spoken English words was usually a brisk sideways movement of the head, from left to right and right to left, followed by a brief ‘kein English’.

Plastic bottles with the recycle symbol go back to the supermarket, glass bottles and containers are again colour sorted in bins that are placed in the neighborhood.

I had many tense moments, even flipping coins to decide if an envelope with a thin sheet of plastic film in the address section should go into the yellow or the blue bin (apparently the paper had to be separated from the plastic and put in two separate bins – who knew?! After a few months I was ready to update my newly acquired skill – The gynaecologist who sees you safely through the nine months of pregnancy is apparently not the doctor who would be present when you are in labour!

This was hard for me to comprehend especially since there was so much emphasis on doc-patient rapport in the culture I came from.

For a country so deeply entrenched in its native language, I was puzzled why they didn’t let home grown music dominate mass media.

Like kindergarten kids who do colour sorting, stacking and matching activities, we sort, grade, group and match everyday garbage with their coloured destination bins.

When you are done with these you have batteries (in a box next to the recycle machine at the supermarket), old clothes and shoes to tackle separately.