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08-Oct-2017 23:49

I think the Patriot Act is unconstitutional under the First and Fourth Amendments.

Seem to remember reading about a few constitutionaly challenges to it....maybe that is why bush is so anxious to get Roberts on the bench... There is no need to hinder the freedoms and rights of people in the name of protecting them.

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We see all the time how badly they handle the money we give them; God forbid we should give them that kind of control over weapons! The Patriot Act is too much of a blanket bill, because of the "racial profiling" issue raising fears about political correctness.

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In fact, the singer Bruce****urn, whom one would think would be an "anti-gun" type of person, is totally against gun control. IMO, the security issues raised by the Patriot Act need to be addressed by concentrating on the individuals who could possibly be tied to terrorism, in particular Middle Easterners.

Her udnytter man mediernes egen retorik og troværdighed til at skrive ofte provokerende nyheder, som mange hopper på, selv om de for en skeptisk granskning afslører sig selv – både i kraft af deres usandsynlighed og så fordi det er kutyme at nævne datoen i teksten eller indslaget.… continue reading »

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