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26-Aug-2017 00:08

This is especially the case if she uncrosses and re-crosses her legs more frequently in front of an intended target.Uncrossed legs are appealing to men when she allows the inside of her inner thigh to be exposed.It also, in turn, has the effect of drawing male attention to her various features.

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It is a display that a woman is mentally and physically “ready” to receive this sexual encounter.When the legs are uncrossed and re-crossed in the presence of men, within the right context, it implies a sexual invitation.It says “I’m sexually available and wish to demonstrate my best features through a quick flash and tease.” Leaving the legs uncrossed altogether, while sitting or standing, or massaging them so as to draw attention to them, can ramp up the sexual invitation further.When men thrust their chest out, it is a dominance display, but when done by women, it indicates the desire to be noticed but putting their assets on display to be admired.

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Women who puff out their chest are trying to secure the attention of nearby men.In more overt cases, women will do so while standing by rubbing or brushing themselves up against the man of her interest.

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