Kirti vashee asia online dating difference between relative and chronometric absolute dating techniques

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These cameras were a bit pricey at first, and the initial images were terrible, but their innovation was that they eliminated film and film processing; the pictures were immediately visible, could be stored, shared and posted almost anywhere, and the picture quality eventually became startlingly good. They were unusually expensive five years ago, but the white-hot smartphone market is synonymous with brutal competition between innovative companies like Apple and Samsung, and pricing, features, longevity and physical resiliency have grown dramatically.So today such innovation has resulted in a smartphone market where progress is rapid and picture resolution, pixel storage capacity and sharing capabilities have grown by leaps and bounds. Forbes called the collapse of the digital camera market one of the fastest and most startling devastations of a modern commercial market.

To continue our analogy to smartphones, let’s recognize that there will always be markets where smartphones are simply not going to work as cameras.Heartfelt, Urgent Advice for Colleagues Stuck in the Downward Pricing Vortex of the Bulk Market Imagine for a moment that you were in the business of manufacturing digital cameras.In fact, let’s take it a step further and say you invented digital photography.It’s about what the words are about.” The photographer Ken Rockwell also famously noted: “The camera’s only job is getting out of the way of making photographs.” This suggests what we have known all along – it’s the talent, expertise, experience and collaborative flair of both the photographer and the translator that makes it possible for these artists to create art: To be able to work in both the value-added market and at the very pinnacle of the industry: the premium market.

Soon these will be the only sectors of the industry that even exist for professional photographers or translators. The market where GT poses a singular threat and is already having an immensely harmful impact on rates is in what we call the “bulk market” – the estimated 60% of commercial translation done “for informational purposes,” or to “convey basic information” where “good enough” is the standard and price is the primary basis of selection, because GT (free) is considered a serious option.

These are domains where quality really does matter and where the added expertise of the photographer is critical and well-compensated.