Errors in carbon 14 dating

10-Jun-2017 08:20

At the same time this ultra-sovereign picture of God allows man to see himself as the best there is. The natural outflow from pride is to believe one has found the exclusive way to salvation, and all others are doomed to hell. The self-serving aspects of this fear mongering should be evident. Eternal life in a better place is relatively easy to obtain.

It is the Kingdom of God that is much more difficult to enter, and there is a difference!

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For the most part, I now attribute these ' to one or both of two things.If this sounds like you, welcome to this home page for the ongoing writing of my book, In spite of the fact we as humans cannot know everything, it is absolutely necessary that we make sense of what we do claim to know.

Bagaimanapun, sebagai ibu, mungkin Bee punya alasan tersendiri mengapa dia berbuat demikian dan seperti pengakuannya, perkara sebenar yang berlaku akan muncul akhirnya.… continue reading »

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The operating pressure was 23 atm = 24 bar with a steam temperature at the superheater discharge of 370 °C (698 °F).… continue reading »

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