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04-Aug-2017 11:37

A good deal of the impetus for writing the books were conversations I had with my maid Mady.

The poor girl had, before we joined us, been so confused by her sexuality that she had retreated into a lipstick version of college lesbianism.

I received a note from a long time reader about some of the books I have written: --- Dear Miss Jay, Along with your wonderful books on Female Led Marriage, and I especially like Obedient Husband: Female Led Marriage for Loving Couples, I noticed that you have written a number of books on what I can only think of as "sex for sale".

In particular, you have written two "guides" for women.

The first, Avails: Escorting for the Elegant Woman is, simply speaking, a guide book for women who decide to charge money for their sexual favours.

I have to call that prostitution which, besides being illegal, seems contrary to your message of female superiority and empowerment.

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And it all comes down to a woman using the power of the feminine for her own ends. Girls and women I spent several hours with talking about how they arrange their encounters, how they dress, the mood they try to create.) you can buy Money Sex: tales from the luxury lives of high end escorts, mistresses and courtesans here.