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We should have the same intelligence as this monarch and take advantage of the power of this story and of its marvellous renaissance background .He sought to eliminate the remnants of feudalism persisting in parts of France and , by compelling many members of the nobility to inhabit his lavish Palace of Versailles -formerly a hunting lodge belonging to Louis's father- , succeeded in pacifying the aristocracy , many members of which had participated in the Fronde rebellion during Louis's minority .

His reign of 72 years and 110 days is the longest of any monarch of a major country in European history , he married Marie-Thérèse (Elisa Lasowski) and being son of Anne of Austria (Dominique Blanc) and Louis XIII (David Stanley) .

In the meantime , Louis decides to construct a big palace at an inhospitable place , but drained Budget , affairs and political intrigues complicate things .

Louis XIV is in constant conflict with his workers and those traitors who possesses privileged information can acquire immense fortunes .

As of 2015, this is the most expensive television show ever produced in France .

Despite being a largely French-financed project, the series was shot in English with an eye toward a larger international audience.This upscale epic drama penned by David Wolstencroft ("The Escape Artist") and Simon Mirren ("Criminal Minds" , ¨Third watch¨) , The 10-episode show was big budgeted , developed and co-produced by Canal Plus' original creation division .