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Anchorages can be hard to find in Indonesia; the sea is very deep and often drops off abruptly from the rocky shoreline leaving no shallow patches for an anchor to be set into. Rice was a playful sailor and Hass thought perhaps he’d sped on ahead to prove how quickly he could sail. Cruising sailors are an independent bunch and it’s not unusual for one boat to alter their plans as a trip goes on. Or perhaps he’d decided to choose another anchorage and then found his radio signal wouldn’t reach was a well-found boat with all the essential safety equipment aboard including lifejackets, flares and a handheld Emergency Position-Indicating Radio Beacon (EPIRB), as well as a life raft, separate wall-mounted EPIRB and survival provisions.There was no reason to think the boat and her crew were anywhere but safe in a harbor.On August 9th Gosselin arrived in the port of Kupang aboard an Indonesian fishing boat. Rice is deceased as he saw him floating in the water and had no pulse when he checked.” None of this made sense to Chelsea Rice-Morris.He reported that the had sunk 14 days earlier and John Rice was dead. Guillaume said after being rescued, he was at sea for another 12 days on board the fishing boat before docking at Kupang Harbour. The petite, young, California-based, Aussie mum of two was more accustomed to wrangling kids and navigating healthcare and school systems than to being the point person in an international investigation.

In many of these villages people live a basic subsistence life and Rice enjoyed helping out by offering his mechanical skills. When the wind arrived, Rice called to say that he was shutting off his engines and changing direction to make the best of the wind.

Shortly after arriving in Darwin, Rice also started advertising for crew at the local sailing club.

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